MakeSwift for Passenger Transportation

Every responsible public service vehicle operator will already have in place processes for reporting any defects, faults and incidents with potential to impact the safe running of their service. How these reports are received, how quickly they can be acted upon and how available they remain for future audit requirements all has a definite effect on your administrative costs and a real risk potential for your commercial reputation.

MakeSwift takes your existing processes and digitises them for increased efficiency, effectiveness, compliance and peace of mind. When drivers submit reports via MakeSwift their information is immediately available to your office teams, facilitating swift responses where required and efficient maintenance and service planning for non-critical items.

Whether for daily safety submissions, or for the recording of infrequent incidents, you can create report templates that capture location of submission, ID of reporter, ID of vehicle, images of damage, fuel and odometer readings and much more.

  • PSV daily walkaround checks
  • In-service/2nd driver checks
  • Defect reporting
  • RIDDOR accident reports
  • Crime/Incident reports
  • Driver hours and location.
  • Lost property reports

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