MakeSwift for Freight and Logistics

The movement of commercial goods by road, rail or air takes place within a heavily regulated environment and one where risks to safety and threats to profit margins are ever present.

MakeSwift apps enable your organisation to be more in touch with the activities of your drivers and operatives in the field; capturing time, date and location stamped report data at each critical stage of the delivery journey.

Submitted report data enables your office teams to immediately zero in on incidents requiring intervention, whilst ‘business as usual’ data is warehoused for broader analysis of cost reduction opportunities and swift preparation of compliance audits for regulators and customers.

  • Walkaround vehicle checks
  • Walkaround towing checks
  • RIDDOR accident reports
  • Damaged in transit notifications
  • FORS compliance
  • Refuelling reports
  • Dangerous goods handling
  • Driver hours and location.

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