MakeSwift for Construction and Civil Engineering

MakeSwift is a robust, scalable, digital solution to the difficult problem of gaining timely and accurate reports from your onsite teams.

Easily configurable to meet the reporting needs for all aspects of construction and civil engineering, from major infrastructure to specialist projects. The MakeSwift mobile app can be downloaded and used by your employees and your subcontractors, to ensure speed and continuity of data collection across your project.

Reports completed in the field, using the MakeSwift app, are instantly visible to your office-based teams. This enables swift action to manage the causes of lost time, risks to safety compliance and other costly interruptions, whilst significantly reducing the administration burden of maintaining a credible audit of project activity and incidents.

  • Daily job sheets
  • Materials audits and defect reporting
  • Accident reports
  • Near miss/Close call reporting
  • Health and Safety audits
  • Lost time reporting (site access, conflicting trades, etc.)
  • Time and attendance tracking

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