About MakeSwift

Enterprise mobility is increasingly a focus of innovation investment for organisations with field-based teams. Transportation, utilities, facilities management, retail, leisure, construction and civil engineering all rely heavily on the use of mobile devices for maintaining a connected business.

MakeSwift leverages the investment in your mobile device estate to tackle the risks, costs and efficiency headaches of field data collection.

Lost paperwork, inaccurate form completion, late submissions and non-compliance with process all have the ability to damage your reputation, increase your costs and expose you to unnecessary safety and regulatory risk.

Using the unique MakeSwift report creation tool, your business can make all of your forms available via native apps that can be downloaded onto any iOS or Android mobile device. Each logged in app user sees only the report forms that are relevant to them, their role and their current projects, keeping the user experience simple, efficient and easy.

Sequential form completion and mandatory field settings ensure that minimum compliance is easy to achieve. Automatic time, date and location tagging of each report submission gives confidence that your operatives are meeting their obligations for time and attendance.

Whether it’s walkaround vehicle checks for your fleet operatives, lost time reports from your overnight engineering teams, maintenance confirmation from your facilities manager, your data will arrive from the field in real-time, triggering prompt action and providing an audit trail that gives you security.

Designed to work with or without internet connection and on all of your commercial or consumer mobile devices, MakeSwift delivers simple-to-deploy, cost-effective change to the way you manage field-based activity.

Contact us today to find out more about our Pilot process and how you can deploy our technology for your benefit.